Bak kata Yui Hirasawa di dalam gambar tok, "Sik pa namanya K-ON, sik da hal, janji jangan jadi KO jak lah....


Nagi Sanzenin yang kecil lagi manja dan disayangi....

Allahyarham Sharifah Nur Hidayah Bte. Pengiran Syed Hj Hasnan Al - Hanis.

Inilah anak manja yang dikasihi dan disayangi. Kewujudan weblog pemidato kancil ini adalah bagi mengenang jasanya yang juga turut berusaha gigih untuk mengembalikan zaman kegemilangan anime - anime Jepun. Al - Fatihah...................

(1995 - 2006)

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Hayate the Combat Butler – episode 42: Just Like Dogs, Rats, and Bulldogs

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Hayate no Gotoku

16-year-old Hayate is really down on his luck. Because his unemployed parents are good-for-nothings who waste what money they have on gambling, Hayate had to start working at a young age to help out his family. Although such experience has made him inhumanly fast and tough and skilled at things boys aren`t normally skilled it, it has also left him in an awkward position, as his parents have racked up such a huge gambling debt that they have sold Hayate to the yakuza for the value of his organs. In a desperate attempt to avoid that fate, Hayate decides to become a “bad guy” and kidnap someone to be held for ransom, but his efforts to do so are mistaken as a confession of love by the girl he targets. When he helps save the (as it turns out) ultra-wealthy 13-year-old Nagi from real kidnappers, she takes him in and gives him a job as her new personal butler (and love interest) until he can pay off his debt. But Hayate is more attracted to Nagi`s beautiful teenage maid Maria, and head butler Klaus is initially disapproving of the boy with such a poor look. And then there`s Nagi`s pet Tama, who is also a force to be reckoned with.
(from AnimeNewsNetwork.com)

Talking about bizarre luck~ nothing more sad than poor hayate XD but looks like his luck has change a lot, maybe~ This is definitely one of my all time favorite, either the manga or the anime. Well no surprise if they suddenly decide to put a 52 episode at once~ this anime is very hilarious although some of the original episodes totally silly, its still interesting. But some of the joke especially in the anime related to other shows, thankfully SS-Eclipse subs always give some description for noobs like me~

And now, its already episode 42~ foxy heheand 43 almost in my hand too~ lets take a quick look at it~

Hayate the Combat Butler – episode 42: Just Like Dogs, Rats, and Bulldogs

Nagi Sanzenin

Hayate Ayasaki

Hayate42 title screen

The intros begin with baby Hayate~ and her poor fate already determined in his name~Foxy XD

Hayate42 Baby Hayate

“His name is Hayate…It’s because I want him to become strong boy who will be able to run away from debt collectors like a gust of wind.” WTH~ rofl

All I can say is I laughing my ass off on almost all time in this episode, Nagi & Co. try to find his weaknesses and end up getting a lame joke~ and on part two is a bit about Wataru and Sakuya past~ whoa thats quite romantic~ poor Wataru, he should just be honest, its hard though~

Hayate42 100 tons hammer hit
Its always Hayate who get the hammer for her curiosity~
Hayate42 KO
And again~ XD

Hayate42 Hinagiku Valentine Banzai~
All hail Hinagiku~

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About Nagi Sanzenin


Bonus Stitches - Nagi Sanzenin
Posted 04-11-2009 at 04:25 PM by Fudce
Some bonus stitches from the first two episodes of Hayate the Combat Butler!! Second Season today. I actually have quite a few more stitches ready for entries, but for now I'll go with these four of Nagi Sanzenin. As ever, for full sized versions of each stitch, click on the image.

This article is about Nagi Huda Sanzenin.

Thank You...........

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Kepada semua peminat weblog "KANAK - KANAK YANG COMEL DAN MANJA" ini, penulis mengucapkan Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidiladha bagi yang beragama


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Animax K-On! Cosplay Outing!

Animax K-On! Cosplay Outing!

ANIMAX K-On! Cosplay Outing
March 13, 2010 (Saturday), Trinoma Mall

from the event page in facebook:
Get your cameras ready and be part of a casual outing with the cool K-On Cast cosplayed by Alodia & Ashley Gosiengfiao, Janeena Chan and Bea Araneta!

Photographers, cosplayers and those who would like to join our little adventure in the outskirts of the Metro are most welcome!


So what exactly is this event all about, you ask?

This is probably one of the more unconventional types of anime/cosplay gatherings. The K-On cast will be roaming around the mall along with photographers. The team can be having a photoshoot & picnic in the garden, having coffee at one of the shops or just plainly strolling and window shopping! It is a fun casual outing with our K-On friends with lotsa time for snapshots!

No entrance fee? What's the catch?

Yes there is NO entrance fee to be part of the team! There is also NO catch such as signing registration forms and such! But uploading the aftermath photos online (like FaceBook) and tagging the cast back will be greatly appreciated!

Also, Animax Asia's photographer will be on hand to take a set of pictures which will be uploaded to the Animax Asia Facebook page from 15 Mar. Simply go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/Animax-Asia/194854365438 , be a fan of Animax Asia, and tag yourself on the photos you took with us. Don't forget to grab your very own limited edition K-ON! freebies from Animax!

But what if you are not an official photographer?

Official photographer or not, pros and rookies, SLRs & cellphone cam-owners and whatnot, everyone is welcome to be part of this one-of-a-kind event! Just look for the team and you're in!!

This event is brought to you by ANIMAX ASIA! So photographers can get a chance to have their shots featured on Animax TV! This means that your works will get a chance to be on-air over the whole of Southeast Asia (Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Korea) just by sending shots taken during this K-On event to ANIMAX!!

You can send event photos to animaxk.on@gmail.com

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Dalam kenangan: Bendera Brunei Darussalam sedang dinaikkan, penulis ada di sana pada masa itu, kebetulan pula yang hari itu ialah hari jadinya......

Chiharu Harukaze

Selepas itu, penulis balik, dan terus melihat cerita kartun animasi kegemarannya, iaitu "Hayate The Combat Butler". Diantara watak yang paling dia minati ialah watak Chiharu Harukaze( GAMBAR ), iaitu Setiausaha Majlis Pelajar di Akademi Hakuo, Tokyo, Jepun.

Chiharu Harukaze semasa menjadi orang gaji di rumah Sakuya Aizawa


Agak mengejutkan apabila Chiharu Harukaze, seorang yang agak pendiam dan rajin di dalam tugasnya sebagai setiausaha majlis pelajar, menjadi orang gaji di rumah sepupu Nagi Sanzenin, iaitu Sakuya Aizawa.

Kisahnya adalah kerana syarikat milik ayahnya bankrap, jadi ibunya pula tidak panda bekerja, jadi dia telah membuat keputusan untuk menjadi orang gaji di rumah sepupu Nagi, tapi apabila syarikat ayahnya berjaya diselamatkan, anak orang kaya ini masih kekal sebagai orang gaji di rumah Sakuya yang indah itu, dalam keadaan yang SANGAT MALU, kerana dikhuatiri yang 'identiti'nya itu akan terbongkar!

Chiharu semasa berbual mengenai perkembangan syarikat ayahnya bersama dengan ibunya


Dari pandangan penulis, watak Chiharu ini tidaklah terkenal sangat seperti Nagi Sanzenin, Sakuya Aizawa, Maria dan Hayate Ayasaki serta Ayumu Nishizawa dan Hinagiku Katsura, tetapi watak inilah yang memberi 'keceriaan yang sebenar - benarnya' kepada penulis. Ini kerana keberaniannya untuk menjadi orang gaji, walaupun IDENTITInya itu hampir - hampir TERBONGKAR!


Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season – 23-24

Episode 23:

Sakuya turns 15 years old but the episode focused on practically everyone else but her.

Sakuya’s birthday and the “Ferris wheel” scene. Neither were quite what I was expecting, but it seems like we’re finally at the climax of the series. There’s no doubt about it now: episode 25 will be the finale of this second season. While it seems like we’re going to be left with another open-ended conclusion, things have been pretty entertaining along the way. In retrospect, I actually prefer things this way since it leaves the series open to a possible third season. All we have to check for now is some message at the end of next week’s episode indicating that a third season has gotten the green light. There’s a lot of hoping and wishing in that statement, but who knows — I was surprised that the 52 episode first season was popular enough to get this season produced.

With my short spew on the series as a whole out of the way, let’s see what actually happened these past two episodes.

Behold! Student Council Vice President Kasumi Aika, whom I should know already but can’t recall for the life of me.

This much malicious intent from the idea of selling off some school property. Imagine what would happen if you rubbed her the wrong way.

First off, we have the student council vice president Kasumi Aika showing her dark, sadistic, and opportunistic tendencies. Apparently she showed up in the first season as well, but I honestly have no recollection of her at all so this was all new to me. She’s played by Katou Emiri no less (Hiiragi Kagami in Lucky Star) so I thought I would’ve taken notice to her. But then again, I guess that was two years ago and Emiri was just making her big debut.

If anyone ever saw all the stuffed animals in Chiharu’s room, her serious secretary-like cover would be so blown.

This is way beyond a mere interest in cute uniforms. We have a serious obsession/fetish going on here.

I love this pose and overly cute greeting. I wish I knew a girl who secretly hides a cute personality behind a serious one…

…so that I can tease her in situations like this.

Next up, more Harukaze Chiharu (a.k.a. “Haru-san”) whom I’m growing more fond of the more I see her. It’s probably because she’s somewhat of a tsundere, except that her weak, soft, embarrassed side is actually a cheerful, cute uniform-obssessed, secret personality, which if exposed could result in the very breakdown of her character. It’s at her expense, but entirely for my own enjoyment so I loved how Aika realized she was Sakuya’s maid right away. That, and how she made special note of it to use against Chiharu in the future. All this when Chiharu didn’t do anything to get on Aika’s bad side. Oh the hilarity. :)

Sakuya really enjoys a good laugh. And I mean REALLY enjoys.

Too bad Wataru can’t deliver when he’s put on the spot. Queue missing finger part 1.

This is what I love about Sakuya’s character. Childhood friend comes to the rescue. Aww…

You can just sense Wataru’s heart being crushed as Isumi delivers the killing blow. “Your jokes suck Wataru.”

I was a bit surprised how much screentime Wataru got this around. Watching his embarrassed reactions in front of Isumi hasn’t gotten old yet, but having Isumi bluntly tell him that he sucks is a whole new level. If it weren’t for Sakuya comforting him a bit here, he may have gone off to kill himself for real this time. On a separate note, I chuckled at Sakuya’s comment about Wataru being a hero in his past life. I could be totally off with this reference, but Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru immediately came to mind because of Inoue Marina (Wataru) and Nakajima Saki (Saki)’s song on the Hayate no Gotoku! Character COVER CD — “STEP”. Despite how old that Sunrise anime is (aired in April 15, 1988), the opening song is actually quite catchy. Marina and Saki did an awesome cover of it too, which I recommend giving a quick listen to here. Since they’re singing in character, Marina’s using her deeper, boyish voice, which somehow fits perfectly.

You can’t quite put things into perspective without comparing it to the original by a.chi-a.chi though, so let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we?

Ketahuilah, sekiranya anda menghayati erti sebenar kehidupan dan isi - isi di dalam cerita ini, sudah tentu anda akan KETAWA TERBAHAK - BAHAK!



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Galeri Kenangan Untuk Kita Lihat Dan Hayati

Allahyarhamah Sharifah Nur Hidayah Binti Dato' Syed Haji Hasnan

e no Gotoku! – 16

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Nagi Sanzenin with such a sweet smile


It’s just so fun to watch 2 comedy animes in a night, this episode of Hayate no Gotoku! rox. Instead of going into the fight, the butler from Azumamiya teaches his master a lesson for being weak and relying on someone. Nonohara proves to be strong indeed and in fact, Hayate was unable to withstand his ultimate move. The fight was funny though especially when you have Nagi around -.- The fight aside, Hinagiku shows another obvious hint that she is attracted to Hayate again, this time in a more direct way. Unfortunately for the blockhead Hayate, he did not get it and was also distracted by Nagi as well. Although, this is a comedy..somehow I was hoping for a Hinagiku and Hayate kind of ending (lol..fat hope though..the anime still has a very long way to go) and good gracious….Tama with that pair of wings behind it was WTF (lol)

The main story ended early in this episode and I was wondering what happened not until when I realized there were 4 parody scenes. The Tama’s scene is another wtf again, was laughing my a*s off. This episode is indeed very well done. Graphics, flow, humor…all top notch and whats for next episode ? Nagi is going to realize the way of life! She lacks the experience points gained hence….she is going to dress up as a maid this time and learn the “way”. I expect Maria to have a tough time in the next episode too :P

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It is no longer a dream for Hayate, it is now a reality and all thanks to Maria-san, Hayate is now able to enter school. Things are not that smooth for him though as other butlers and many weird people are in the school as well. 2 butlers makes their first appearances in this episode. Himuro (man..he loves flowery entries) and Nonohara Kaede (Ichimaru Gin clone ?), this 2 butlers seem to pose a threat to Hayate. In fact, Hayate have to fight Nonohara Kaede in the next episode as it seems like his master, Azumamiya-san is jealous of Hayate that Hinagiku is calling him by his first name. (and vice versa).

The most funniest scene ought to be the part when Yukiji makes an introduction of the new transfer student (Hayate, obviously) as some kind of superstar…that part was so funny as they have references to Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt (lol). Next episode is gonna be exciting as Hayate battles Nonohara. ;) Maria remains as a passive role in the episode though, I wonder will it remain this way for the next few episodes ..hmmm….and oh! Nagi is a high school student although she is 13…the reason? she does not want to spend so much time in school hence she worked hard and skipped grades. (it is indeed a mystery where she acquire that kind of intelligence)

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whoa!! Kawada Mami sings the 2nd ED for Hayate no Gotoku!, a very nice song and the new ED animation sequence is so cool – summer at the beach! The song’s title is Get My Way! if i am not wrong but on the overall, ED1 was still better. In this episode, Hayate finally knows that he had failed his entrance exams and depressed he is, Maria-san was there and gave him the miracle (otherwise, i guess this series could just end here ..LOL). Yes! Maria gave him a student ID for the school! wow!

Hinagiku’s still my fave character in Hayate no Gotoku! bishoujo and she rawks with an unique attiude. :P Well, one thing I like about this anime is its slapstick humors and its various references to other animes or elements (nothing beats the “censorship” though)

Next episode is gonna get exciting since Hayate can attend school, lots of new characters i guess..and yea…lots of new action as Hayate and Nagi goes to school together.

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Tama digging its nose… -.-

When I saw Hayate studying English through the help of Moe-tan, I was like wtf? isnt that an upcoming anime ? This epsiode is simply hilarious as usual but I didnt expect that though. As mentioned in the previous episode post of Hayate, I made a mistake in thinking that Nagi was going to Hayate’s school but rather, Nagi wants Hayate to transfer to her school instead and to get in, Hayate has to take the entrance exams and to make matters worse, the exams is the next day. Hayate is trying very hard to drill all the stuff into his brain but too bad, Klaus and Tama kept him “well awake” in the night. (as usual..Tama is so funny and Klaus in that childhood flashback scene was wtf).

I liked the part when this question on why manholes are round, this question’s my fave last time and I loved to ask ppl that. Well, you can google on that for the answer though and oh…I wonder how will Hayate deal with Ayumu’s confession ? hmm… ;)

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Nishizawa…and a tiger Tama

Ep11 wasnt that funny though, it talks about Nagi and the whole lot on their visit to Nagi’s grandfather, Mikado who is also the head of the Sanzenin family. Nothing much that is funny but an important point was that shown is that the grandfather handed Hayate a precious stone telling him that it will serve him as a guide and will be useful to him in the future. Well, seems like the stone is giving out some kind of aura (-.-)

Ep12 was what that caught me laughing non stop for the entire episode. The beginning was already LOL -.- Ayumu managed to find out where Hayate lived and she had expressed her love to Hayate…and of course she knows her rival too – Nagi. The scene where Tama chased Ayumu was another crazy scene (horny tiger, eh? :P) One obvious reference in this ep was the short scene they showed Suzumiya Haruhi and the other was the part about Wataru talking about Getsumen to Heiki Minna. Ayumu retreated from Nagi but Hayate is now aware of her feelings and looks at her as she ran off. Nagi seems sad and starts to think about the times she had with him and so..she decided to do something for him. It will be shown in the next episode – They are going to study in Hayate’s old school. Man..I bet that will be amusing to watch…LOLZ

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Sakuya & Nagi


This is simply the best comedy episode ever, it takes a step back out of the plot and begins on a plot of its own. An episode full of parodies from various anime/games. You can easily spot a few obvious ones. Remember the controllers that appeared in earlier episode. Seems like it is a trap that was sought out by demon queen that resides Nagi’s Famicom game. Izumi, Risa and Miki were the fortunate ones to be trapped by the controller and sent to the game’s dimension where Hinagiku joined in later. lol…seriously damn hilarious. Some of the references include Mikuru from SHnY, Akuma from Street Fighter, Akazukin . While it seems like a seamless and wonderful storyline, Nagi and Maria is pleased with the script (as if they were outside of this anime series) and thanked people for the support on the anime. and yes…about Maria’s age….it was really LOL.

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Hayate no Gotoku! ep09 – Eloim Essaim. Mr. Cow, Mr. Cow! What is it, Mr. Frog? ( エロイムエッサイム。ウシくんウシくん!なんだいカエルくん?)
Dont watch this episode alone…

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Hayate no Gotoku! ep08 – Cat ear mode sends you to hell (ネコミミ・モードで地獄行き)
OMG! Hump hump hump ! Hayate gets humped by Tama! (lol)

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Hayate no Gotoku! ep07 – Man’s fight (男の戦い)
baka! baka! baaaaka!

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Hayate no Gotoku! – 06

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Hayate no Gotoku! ep06 – You said you can see time, but thats probably your life flashing by(時が見えると君は言うけど、たぶんそれは走馬灯)
Urusai! Urusai! Urusai! (lol)

Senarai watak Hayate no Gotoku

Berikut merupakan senarai watak anime Hayate no Gotoku.

Keluarga Ayasaki

Hayate Ayasaki (綾崎 ハヤテ?)
suara anime:Ryōko Shiraishi

Ayasaki Hayate.jpg

  • Umur: 16-17
  • Tinggi: 168cm
  • Berat: 57kg
  • Jenis Darah: A
  • Tarikh Lahir: 11 November
Hayate merupakan pembantu peribadi di dalam keluarga Sanzenin.Hayate telah bekerja sejak berumur 9 tahun lagi untuk membantu ibapanya yang mempunyai tabiat yang sangat buruk. Dia sering bertukar-tukar kerja apabila majikannya mengetahui dia tidak cukup umur untuk bekerja. Pengalaman kerjanya itu sangat bermakna kerana hampir keseluruhan kerja dapat dilakukan olehnya. Ayah Hayate tidak mahu berkerja dan ibunya pula sentiasa berjudi manakala adiknya tidak dinamakan dan tidak dikenali.Pada hari ibubapanya muflis,mereka meninggalkan hayate dan menjualnya kepada geng yakuza bagi menyelesaikan hutang yang ditanggung. Dengan tidak berfikir panjang,Hayate berkomplot untuk menculik seseorang bagi mendapatkan wang tebusan.Dia bertemu seorang budak perempuan iaitu Nagi Sanzen dan memberitahu bahawa dia akan menculiknya.Namun yang demikian, Nagi telah tersalah faham dengan kata-kata Hayate itu.Nagi menganggap Hayate mahu meluahkan perasaan cinta terhadapanya.
Perwatakkan Hayate dalam cerita sering menampilkannya seorang yang miskin, buruk dan mempunyai nasib yang teruk.Dia telah melalui banyak kesukaran dalam hidupnya terutamatanya sewaktu di dalam jagaan ibubapanya sehingga memikirkan dirinya tidak disukai oleh orang di sekelilingnya kecuali kanak-kanak. Dia tidak terfikir kanak-kanak boleh menjadi kawannya termasuklah Nagi.Dia sangat terhutang budi dengan Nagi kerana memberinya kerja. Dia tidak mengetahui bahawa Nagi menyimpan perasaan terhadapnya. Dia sering mengeluarkan kata-kata yang membuatkan Nagi berfikir Hayate menyukainya dan salah faham itu berterusan hingga kini. Sebagai pembantu peribadi, Hayate boleh melakukan semua jenis kerja rumah. Dia juga mempunyai kebolehan untuk menghalang semua jenis serangan yang datang, termasuklah serangan dari pembantu peribadi keluarga lain dan menyebabkan dia digelar "Pembantu Peribadi Pertempuran". Dia pernah menunjukkan kemahirannya dalam menggunakan senajata api dan kekuatan fizikalnya mengatasi kekuatan manusia normal yang lain. Hayate juga berjaya mencipta teknik istimewa yang dipanggil Hayate no Gotoku. Hayate melihat Nagi sebagai kanak-kanak, tetapi telah jatuh hati kepada sifat kematangan Maria.
Walaupun sering menampilkan seorang yang miskin dan buruk, Hayate juga muncul dalam keadaan yang terlalu feminin. Dia mempunyai muka seperti perempuan dan pandai membuat kerja-kerja rumah seperti memasak dan membersih, di mana kerja ini sering dilakukan oleh orang perempuan. Dia sangat sederhana dan sensitif. Ini faktor yang membuat dia kelihatan lebih feminin dari biasa.
Walaupun mempunyai kemahiran yang luas,empati dirinya sangat sedikit.Ini berlaku di mana dia sering menyakiti hati orang lain kerana dia tidak memahami perasaan orang lain terhadapnya.Dengan kata lain,dia sering bertindak balas tidak tentu hala dan malu secara tiba-tiba dengan pemintaan yang sangat mudah. Ini kerana personaltinya yang sangat baik menyebabkan kekacauan kepada orang lain.
Encik and Puan Ayasaki (綾崎 瞬(ハヤテの父)とハヤテの母 ibubapa Hayate?)
suara anime Shun Ayasaki:Kenji Hamada
suara anime Mrs. Ayasaki:Kazusa Murai

Ibubapa Hayate.jpg

Ibu bapa Hayate, yang kelihatan hanya di dalam imbasannya seperti bayang-bayang yang tidak dikenali dengan watak "Ibu" dan "Bapa" dan kelihatan wajah-wajah mereka dicoret. Bapa Hayate tidak mahu bekerja manakala ibunya pulang sering berjudi sehingga mereka muflis. Mereka meninggalkan Hayate kepada Yakuza untuk menjual organ-organnya bagi membayar semula hutang sebanyak 156,804,000 yen. Selepas itu, Wataru dan Hayate mengetahui bahawa Encik Shun Ayasaki adalah ahli di kedai video Wataru dan berhutang sebanyak 1,500,000 yen. Apabila Sakuya Aizawa bertanya kepada Hayate bahawa adakah dia mahu tinggal bersama ibubapanya jika mereka telah berubah, Hayate menjawab bahawa walau apa pun yang mereka buat, itu tidak akan berlaku dan tiada lagi peluang yang kedua.

Keluarga Sanzen'in

Nagi Sanzen'in (三千院 ナギ Sanzen'in Nagi?)
suara anime:Rie Kugimiya

Nagi Sanzen.jpg

  • Umur: 13-14
  • Tinggi: 137cm
  • Berat: 35kg
  • Jenis Darah: AB
  • Tarikh Lahir: 3 Desember
Sanzen'in Nagi adalah satu-satunya pewaris bagi keluarga sanzen'in. Dia mempunyai hobi tahap otaku dengan manga, anime, permainan video, dan melukis manganya sendiri. Dia bijak dalam penyimpanan duit dan suka belajar. Dia telah jatuh hati kepada Hayate dan telah berlaku salah faham kerana merasakan Hayate menyintainya sejak pertama kali berjumpa. Disebabkan ini hanyalah salah faham, dia merasakan Hayate tidak berminat terhadapnya.Kadang-Kadang, dia cuba menarik perhatian Hayate dalam pelbagai cara. Dia tidak pernah merahsiakan bahawa dia menyukai Hayate. Nagi takut berada dalam keadaan yang gelap. Satu-satu keluarganya yang masih hidup ialah datuknya dan Nagi tidak menyukainya. Dia menganggap Maria seperti ibu atau kakaknya, dan memberi amaran kepada Hayate supaya tidak sesekali menyentuh Maria dalam apa jua keadaan atau dia tidak akan memaafkannya. Nagi tidak mempunyai pengalaman dalam memasak. Dia sering kali meletakkan bahan-bahan yang salah ketika memasak. Dia mempunyai binatang peliharaan bernama Tama di mana dia menganggap Tama sebagai kucing.
Nagi menghabiskan keseluruhan masa kecilnya tinggal di luar Jepun. Disebabkan keluarganya adalah orang berada, dia menjadi sasaran kepada kumpulan mafia dan organisasi gelap yang lain. Nagi tidak suka diburu, jadi dia menghabiskan masanya di dalam rumah bermain permainan video dan menonton TV dan perlahan-lahan menjadi hikikomori. Hayate, Maria dan Klaus bimbang akan Nagi kerana dia suka bermain permainan itu hingga lewat malam dan sering ponteng kelas. Jadi, mereka menggalakkan dia untuk keluar rumah atau menjemput tetamu-tetamu untuk sebuah parti. Dia mula pergi ke sekolah dengan lebih kerap setelah hayate dipindahkan ke sekolahnya. Nagi melangkau grednya ke tahun pertama sekolah tinggi untuk bersama di dalam kelas Hayate.
Nagi bermaksud "tidak berangin, tenang" dan maksudnya berlawanan dengan Hayate iaitu "tiupan angin kencang Keluarga Katsura
Hinagiku Katsura (桂 ヒナギク Katsura Hinagiku?)
suara anime:Shizuka Itō


  • Umur: 15-17
  • Tinggi: 161cm
  • Berat: 45kg
  • Jenis Darah: O
  • Tarikh Lahir: 3 Mac
Katsura Hinagiku adalah presiden majlis pelajar semasa dan juga presiden kepada kelab kendo di akademi Hakuō iaitu sekolah Nagi, Isumi and akhirnya Hayate Hadiri. Dia berumur 15 tahun dan hebat dalam bermain pedang atau khususnya adalah kendo. Dia pertama kali bertemu dengan Hayate ketika Hayate sesat berada di kampus Hakuō yang besar dan akhirnya Hayate menyelamatkannya. Hinagiku telah menyelamatkan anak burung yang jatuh dari sarangnya. Hinagiku takut akan tempat tinggi. Tanpa disedari, dia telah berada dia atas pokok dan tidak berani untuk turun. Hayate telah menolong Hinagiku turun dari pokok dan berjanji akan menolong Hinagiku jika dia memanggilnya. Sebagai penghargaan kerana membantunya, dia mengajak Hayate ke tingkat paling atas Menara Jam, di mana hanya para elit majlis pelajar semasa sahaja yang dibenarkan berada di situ. Dia membenarkan Hayate memanggilnya dengan nama pertama dan juga mula menyukai Hayate dan tertarik kepada personalitinya. Keluarganya tidak menunjukkan tanda-tanda kekayaan berbanding dengan keluarga lain contohnya keluarga sanzen.
Walaubagaimanapun, Hinagiku juga mempunyai pengalaman silam yang hampir sama dengan Hayate iaitu dia dan kakaknya telah ditinggalkan oleh ibu bapa kandung mereka. Ibu bapa mereka meninggalkan hutang sebanyak 80 juta yen kepada mereka tidak lama sebelum hari jadi Hinagiku yang keenam. Ekoran ini, kakaknya, Yukiji, berjaya membayar hutang dan mereka berdua tinggal bersama keluarga Katsura. Encik Katsura ialah cikgu kepada Yukiji ketika berada disekolah asas. Pada hari jadinya yang ke-16, Hagiku menyedari bahawa dia telah menyukai Hayate apabila dia akhirnya dapat melihat pemandangan yang cantik ketika berada di tingkat atas menara jam pada waktu malam dengan pertolongan Hayate. Dia takut akan perasaannya itu. Ini kerana Hinagiku berfikir bahawa dia akan ditinggalkan oleh Hayate sepertimana yang telah dilakukan oleh ibu bapanya jika dia jatuh cinta dengannya. Dia amat menyukai perasaannya ketika melihat permandangan di tingkat atas menara jam walaupun dia takut akan tempat tinggi. Apabila Hayate bertanya kepadanya bahawa adakah dia berasa takut lagi, dia menjawab perasaan takut itu bukan satu perasaan yang teruk, di mana, mungkin disebabkan oleh perasaannya yang takut akan tinggi seperti perasaan takut apabila ditinggalkan. Banyak masalah yang dihadapi oleh Hinagiku. Ketika Nishizawa dan Hayate menginap di rumah Hinagiku, dia telah berjanji kepada Nishizawa bahawa dia akan membantu merapatkan hubungannya dengan Hayate. Dia merasakan seperti telah mengkhianati perasaannya sendiri kerana dia juga menyukai Hayate. Dia cuba menolong untuk merapatkan hubungan Nishizawa dengan Hayate, namun dia mendapati dirinya berasa sedih jika dia melakukannya. Walaupun Nagi merasakan Hayate menyukai Hinagiku, namun Hayate menafikannya dengan mengatakan bahawa Hinagiku tidak mungkin suka kepadanya, dan ini lebih melukakan Hinagiku.
Kadang-kadang Hinagiku dikatakan bersifat kelakian oleh budak perempuan lain di dalam siri ini.Pada Hari Valantine, Hinagiku banyak menerima coklat daripada peminat-peminat perempuan. Miki berpendapat ini kerana Hinagiku dilihat adalah lebih Hebat daripada lelaki. Keatletikannya, daya saing, dan kedudukan kepimpinan, semua juga berkemungkinan menyumbang kepada pandangan ini. Ia juga menyamai pandangan Hayate terhadapnya. Jalur rambut yang selalu dipakainya adalah hadiah pemberian daripada ibu bapa kandungnya.

Shakugan no Shana

We're calling this month "Action January" for a reason. After the action packed adventures of Zero no Tsukaima, we're looking at an even more intense action anime, Shakugan no Shana, which translated out to "Burning-Eyed Shana". Yet another licensed show, however, most episodes are available on Youtube. The videos cannot be offered in this article either, apologies in advance.

Sakai Yuji was a normal teenage boy who was walking home from school just like always. All of a sudden, time freezes around him, and two creatures called Rinne begin to consume the helpless citizens. All of a sudden, an opposing warrior known as a Flame Haze appears and successfully defeats the Rinne. The burning eyed, burning haired Flame Haze reveals the true world to Yuji; anyone who have been consumed by Rinne are instantly replaced with an artificial copy called a Torch, which balances the stabilization of the world. It is also revealed that Torches only last a short while, and eventually burn out, disappearing without leaving any records of the person who it replicated. Apparently Yuji had been consumed by Rinne as well, and had died a few days ago. However, he's not an ordinary Torch; while all other Torches burn out within a few days, Yuji holds an ancient artifact that restore's his energy at midnight.


1. The End of Everything, The Beginning of One Thing - Yuji was a normal student who was walking home from school, when all of a sudden, time stops around him and two monstrous creatures known as Rinne attack and start consuming all the humans in the area. Suddenly, a girl with flaming eyes and hair begins to attack the Rinne. When the fight is over, Yuji learns that he had died days ago...

2. The Lit Flame - Yuji's good friend Hirai Yukari had met with him on the day of the Rinne attack. The Flame Haze tells Yuji the horrible truth, Yukari had been consumed by the Rinne, and a Torch is all that remains of her. Before the attack, Yukari had hinted to Yuji that she has a crush on Yuji's close friend Ike Hayato. Knowing that as a Torch, Yukari has no human emotions, Yuji still attempts to make the best of the days she has left on the Earth. Once Yukari disappears, Yuji teaches the Flame Haze a lesson in the meaning of existence. Also, he gives her something that she's never bothered to have, the name of Shana, named after the sword she carries, Nietono no Shana.

3. The Torch and the Flame Haze - Now that Yukari has disappeared, Shana joins Yuji's class to keep an eye on him. However, after class is over, time stops in the classroom, and the Rinne from before attack again. Shana manages to fight off the Rinne, but in the process, the classroom is damaged, and Ike receives near fatal wounds. Once again disputing about the importance of human lives and their existence, Shana argues with Yuji about saving Ike's life.

4. The Confused Flame Haze - When one event leads to another, Shana decides to live at Yuji's house. A while later, she senses another presence entering the town of Misaki, and it turns out to be another Flame Haze named Marjery Daw. While all Flame Haze are supposed to fight for one goal, Marjery seems to have other plans. When Shana interferes, the two begin to fight, and it seems that Marjery may be too strong...

5. Respective Thoughts - Another girl from school named Yoshida Kazumi has had a crush on Yuji for a while, and through a lucky event, she is able to ask him out on a date. The two go to the art museum, and while wandering around, Yuji runs into Rammie, a corpse retriever who has been consuming any Torches that are almost burnt out.

6. Complication, Activation, Confrontation - An opposing male named Friagne has the ultimate goal of devouring all the Torches in Misaki to bring his talking doll to life. However, devouring all the Torches will upset the balance to the city, and as a Flame Haze, Shana must make sure that the devouring does not happen.

7. The Two Flame Hazes - While Marjery believes Rammie is an evil force that must be destroyed, in reality, Rammie is harmless. At Yuji's house, he asks Shana to train him in the arts of swordplay so that he can offer some help during the fights. However, it seems that the training is going to be more difficult than expected, especially when Marjery begins chasing after Rammie.

8. The Beautiful Goblet - As the City Devouring begins, Marjery picks another fight with Shana, and even though the two should be working together to stop Friagne, the two lose precious time over their fight. Also, what can Yuji possibly do to fight against a devourer of cities?

9. The Poolside of Love and Desire - The summer heat is getting to everyone when Ike walks into the classroom and hands out a stack of tickets to a water park that he received from his father. A group of friends decide to go together, and Yuji, Ike, Shana and Kazumi are included. At the water park, the group runs into Marjery, but Shana doesn't sense a killing intent...

10. Entangled Feelings - Yuji's swordplay training is not progressing very well, and Shana decides to increase the difficulty by planning to train after school in a Fuzetsu, or a time stop. When a sudden turn of events causes Yuji to stay at school and help out with the student council, Shana gets upset over the promise the two made to practice after school. Also, at the worst possible time, another Rinne attacks.

11. Yuji, Shana, and Kisses - As the days progress, Shana's feelings for Yuji become stronger, to the point where she asks Yuji's mother about kisses. The answer given to Shana both confuses and embarrasses her. At the same time, two new evil members are searching for Shana...

12. Flowers Bloom in the Cradle - Shana and Yuji are merely chatting at the river one night, when Kazumi goes out for a walk and sees the two together. Thinking that the two have a relationship together, Kazumi confronts Shana at school and the two fight about who Yuji belongs to. Later on, the two evil members show up and reveal themselves to be twins. A battle begins between the two forces...

13. Declaration of War Behind the School - Shana is defeated and captured by the twins, who are after Nietono no Shana, the sword that Shana carries. However, Shana later manages to free herself, with the help of Yuji and Marjery, who had been destroying the sources of power around the town that supplies the twins' strength. In the end, Yuji uses one of the twin's swords against him and with the help of Shana, the two emerge victorious.

14. A Great Person - A flashback lays out a setting of Shana's childhood, who lived in a floating castle, training to be a Flame Haze with a maid named Wilhelmina, who is already a Flame Haze. During a shopping trip in town, Wilhelmina is attacked by a Denizen, an evil force which included the twins as members.

15. The Day the Flame was Born - When the peaceful floating castle that Shana lived in was infiltrated, it is decided that the time has come for Shana to become the Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter. However, she must make a pact with Alastor, the king of the flames. In order to complete the pact uninterrupted, Shana must enlist the help of Tenmoku Ikko, a Torch whose only goal is to fight a strong individual.

16. The Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter - Shana is chased all the way to the top of the tower, where Alastor awaits to form a pact. Luckily, Tenmoku Ikko destroys the opposition and Shana completes the pact. Now, Tenmoku Ikko yearns to fight with Shana, who must defeat him and take his sword, Nietono no Shana. However, a war hungry Torch is more difficult to defeat than expected...

17. A New Chapter - At school, the students hear about the upcoming Misago Festival, and Kazumi decides to confess her love to Yuji there. Meanwhile, Yuji's mother attempts to help out Shana by informing her of about the festivals, and offering her a yukata to wear. Kazumi, while walking around the town, runs into another Flame Haze, who shows her the truth of the world, with a monocle that analyzes Torch activity.

18. A Shattering Wish - Yuji fails to make it home after school on the day of the festival, and his mother along with Shana set out to search for him. The two decide to head to the festival to see if they can find Yuji. At the same time, Kazumi realizes that Yuji is a Torch...

19. Inside the Battle - A new Denizen has begun to plot an evil plan to open up a gate into another dimension. Although the three Flame Haze don't like to cooperate with each other, a combination of their powers is necessary to even match the power this new Denizen possesses. Even when the three Flame Haze come together, the battle ahead will be tough.

20. Heartless Wilhelmina - Wilhelmina finally arrives in Misaki and after a good search, she is reunited with Shana. In an opposite effect, Marjery decides to leave Misaki without telling a soul. Later, a terrible truth is understood; Yuji must be destroyed in order to maintain the balance of the world.

21. Diverging Feelings - After some heavy persuasion, Shana manages to convince Wilhelmina not to destroy Yuji. Wilhelmina decides to protect Misaki from outside the town, and decides to leave. Later, at the festival's bonfire which burned down a majority of the decorations, a spell is activated...

22. The Flickering Flame - After a devastating defeat, Shana is heavily injured and must recover within the care of Wilhelmina. While Shana is unable to act, a powerful leader of the evil forces known as Hecate begins to synchronize with the artifact inside of Yuji.

23. Battle at the Palace of the Stars - A battle of epics is about to occur when a spell is activated, draining all the power of existence of anyone nearby. At the last moment, Marjery arrives and destroys the spell. In the end, it will be
Shana's actions that will decide the fate of Yuji.

24. Crimson Thoughts - Shana manages to defeat Hecate, but in a desperate last action, the city begins to fall into ruin. Alastor informs Shana and Yuji of a last resort method; if Shana summons Alastor into the world, the city would be saved. However, Shana's life would most likely be the sacrifice of the summoning. Shana confesses her love for Yuji as she summons Alastor, believing that she will soon die.

This anime is amazingly action packed, and the gripping storyline will not let go until the last episode. 2 seasons have been released, along with an Original Video Animation episode. Another series called "Shakugan no Shana S" has begun; the first episode is out and the next will be out in the middle of February.


Opening Theme 1: Hishoku no Sora

Opening Theme 2: Being

Ending Theme 1: Yoake Umarekuru Shojo

Ending Theme 2: Aka no Seijaku

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